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What Can Happen To Your Home?

When you’re away, who will ensure your home is safe and secure?

HomeWatch Broken Glass DoorMany things can happen when you are away from your Scottsdale home. While we certainly hope for the best, the Sonoran Desert can be a tough environment for people, and for property! When you add to that the usual homeowner problems that can occur with plumbing, electrical and environmental systems, you could have compounded problems that could go on for months until you return…unless someone is regularly checking your home.

If your home is empty and unchecked, when you return you could spend what is supposed to be a relaxing, enjoyable time dealing with problems instead. Do you really want to spend your valuable time repairing, replacing, cleaning, or doing the other tasks necessary to make your home livable again?

HomeWatch Green PoolFallen trees, broken windows, leaking roofs, termites and more – these are all common problems with our sometimes violent weather in Arizona. Your home is not only an investment, it is the place you come to relax and enjoy life. What could be worse than coming home to a leak, a tree through your roof or broken windows? We monitor your home for any mishaps, and take care of the problems for you.

These are actual photos of damage that occurred while homeowners were out of town. Luckily, for these homeowners, HomeWatchAZ took care of the clean up for them. Our team took photos, coordinated the cleanup and repair, and monitored and supervised the work. When the homeowners returned, the house was ready to be enjoyed!

HomeWatch Water Damage
HomeWatch Water Damage

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