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Meet Jan and Dale Wielgus

Caring for your home, in your absence, is our primary concern

We are Jan and Dale Wielgus, and we have been Arizona residents since 2003, with previous ties to Chicago and New York. Jan has spent most of her career in customer service, working in the retail and health & beauty industries. Dale’s corporate experience is in Human Resources and Risk Management in the hospitality, retail, and sports & entertainment industries.

Over recent years, we have ventured into residential real estate, property, and tenant management projects. The knowledge and experience we’ve acquired in these ventures enables us to identify the potential risks posed by a vacant home, allowing us to provide valuable advice and support to absentee owners in the communities we serve.

This advice can lead to actions that can minimize property damage that could lead to further issues or expense while your home is vacant. We both have experience in sourcing repairs and supervising renovation projects. We work as a team, inspecting clients’ homes and using each other’s strengths to provide support and personalized service to our clients.  

Jan and Dale

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