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HomeWatchAZ was founded in 1998; more than 20 years later, our business goal remains the same – to provide peace of mind to second homeowners while they’re away from their homes.

Since HomeWatchAZ first opened our doors, our business has continued to grow as we have adapted to the changing needs of our clients. HomeWatchAZ is now a full-service home management company.

Check out our services and you’ll see that our owners, Jan & Dale, provide maintenance services, oversee construction projects, arrange for repairs, meet service providers, and more for homeowners in the communities we serve. In fact, we take care of just about anything a homeowner might need while they’re away from their greater Scottsdale home.

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Over recent years, owners Jan and Dale Wielgus have ventured into various residential real estate, property, and tenant management projects. Their knowledge and experience enables them to identify the potential risks posed with a vacant home, allowing them to provide valuable advice and support to absentee owners.

Arizona Dust Storm

Many things can happen when you are away from your home. The Arizona desert can be a tough environment, add to that the usual plumbing, electrical and environmental problems that can happen in any home, meaning your vacant property could be a disaster waiting to happen, unless someone is regularly checking your home.

HomeWatchAZ will develop a customized, comprehensive service checklist based on your needs for our regular inspections. It is important that we have a mutually agreed upon understanding of each others’ expectations to provide the best service possible, and ensure your peace of mind when you are not there.

While we strive to be invaluable to our clients, we know our clients are invaluable to us!  We do not take for granted the fact we still have customers who have been with HomeWatchAZ for more than 20 years!

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Home Watch is “a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.”

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