Prepare Your Home

How to Prepare Your Home for Your Absence
When you leave your home for extended periods there are precautions you should take before you leave.

  1. Have your mail forwarded or arrange for us to pick it up and forward it
  2. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors before you leave for the season
  3. Change the battery in your irrigation box
  4. Change your A/C filters
  5. Have your trees trimmed. The high winds during monsoon season are less likely to do damage if the trees are pruned
  6. Cover your grill and take in your outdoor furniture
  7. Turn your water heater to vacation or off if it is electric
  8. Your AC should be left no higher than 85
  9. Turn your washing machine valves to off
  10. If you're leaving a car behind invest in a trickle charge or disconnect the battery
  11. Turn the ice maker off in your refrigerator
  12. Let your landscaper and pool service company know you have someone checking your home.
  13. Call HomeWatchAZ a few weeks prior to your departure to set up service.
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